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A Pan Tagian cohort is searching for relics of Melnibonean past in Oin. A missionary and Priest named Arandol Folk from Lormyr came across the Bireme along the main river and found it devoid of guards and slaves. The name of the Bireme was the Eye of Maluk. Tracking the large party of Pan Tagians though dense forest he came across a fairly well preserved structure that had strong traces of chaos and a statue dominating the center of Orunlu the keeper. Searching around the outskirts of the facility he found what was left of the Agent of Maluk named Furgent Mool. His entire cohort was killed without any marks just inside the area close to the statue. Not risking his luck he took the agents amulet and some other papers back to the Capital. He hired a crew for the Bireme and made haste to his superiors. Your mission is to investigate the area and find clues to why the Pan Tagians are interested in the site.

The papers that were found on the agent of chaos was a storage list or storeroom count for a Melnibonean facility. No name appears for the Facility just three swords crossed over a symbol for Orunlu. A very old and partially destroyed map shows the possible location of the facility or settlement in three locations. The final one marked in High Melnibonean. A journal from the Captain on the Eye Of Maluk reveals much more. The Secret Police of Pan Tang are usually led by the Agents of Maluk. Furgent Mool was a rising star within the organization and was entrusted for the mission. No slaves were brought on the Bireme and only the most trusted and skilled sailors, warriors, and other professionals. The Captain was worried because Furgent made sure he had the only copy of the map and created fakes that were left in Pan Tang. The rest of the journal speaks of the days to day routine on board the ship and the boredom of most of the passangers. The Journal does not speak of dangers or problems during the trip.

The journal and its contents have caused a stir. The summit is to talk about the general threat while the latest info brings the problem closer to home. The mission is to find out what the Pan Tagians are after and to bring back Intel to a Trade Depot set up in Oin’s capital as the base of operations. Politically a joint venture is not apt to work because of the interest of each nation. However, on paper it looks good and something needs to be done to check the possible threat of Chaos.

This story continues the Pan-Tagian war, after the end of the Shazaarian campaign.

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