Young Kindoms - Rise of Pan Tang

Objectives and Rewards
  • Primary Objective – Scout bring back Intel. If Chaos is moving try and prevent them from succeeding in their mission.
  • Secondary Objective – Destory or bring back what Chaos wants from the area to the hands of justice. Demons must be killed and Chaos Magic brought back to the Church of Law for Intel and Sacrifice.
  • Special Objective – Capture a captive to be interrogated by the Questioners of Justice.

Reward: (Reward – 250 LB for each member of the team for Primary objective. 250LB for Secondary objective achived and 250LB for the capture of the captive) Hazard pay is from 100 – 500 LB and will be paid up front to the party in one sum. Equipment can be requested for the mission on a loaned basis.

The setup

Nobles, emissary, and ambassadors from Illmoria, Vilmir, Filkar, Lormyr, Purple Towns, and Argmilliar are attending a summit in Venji a Costal Town just outside the capital in the Purple towns. The event is to talk about the ongoing war in Shazzar, Dharjor, Tarkesh and Pan Tang. There are whispers of greater conflict spreading into the entire Young Kingdoms. The leaders of the various countries are trying to prepare themselves for the storm ahead. Already signs are showing that Pan Tang will not be satisfied with just the Western Coasts.

A surprise representative who identifies himself and Mingmoor from Eshmir is willing to help advise the Young Kingdoms about Pang Tang. Mingmoor warns that Pan Tang is searching for items and relics of Melnibonean’s past for some specific goal.

The characters will be the servants, agents or sons and daughters of the various prominate officals who are attending the event within the coastal resort. Also exotic character types will be available like Scholar/ Priest of Phum, the Head Hunter for Equaor, and Weeping Waste Treasure Raider.


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