You are a con artist and one of the best around. You may look like a dumb beefy knight from Lormyr but this is far from the truth. You use the preconceptions of others to your advantage. In fact you use poisons, ambush from behind and other assorted unfair tactics to gain the upper hand. You’ve been around the block and are a veteran of a number of double deals in the back rooms. Also you’ve seen your fair share of battle and take great pains to best other knights. You take the time to study your foes and find weaknesses. In fact you understand High Melnibonean the language of sorcerery and have used this knowledge to save yourself. You were trained with a classical upbringing but were not invited to join the knighthood because of your scholastic pursuits which appeared to be a weakness. In order to get rid of you the family decided to muster you out of their house. An Heirloom is the only gift your Noble Family bestowed upon you along with a good set of armor and weapons. As a very patriotic and religious family it’s ironic that the item they venerated as a symbol of family virtue was really a demon in disguise.

Up to date

Because of your many pursuits to get ahead you have become the new face of Lormyr. You are ambitious smart and talented and have been picked up as an aide to a Noble / Marshal of Lormyr attending an important event in the Purple Towns. In reality the Noble / Marshal is a doddering idiot and it’s with your help that he has rose to prominence form obscurity. This event is a masterwork of planning that you have spent the last year maneuvering to get into. You know that the hands of fate are turning and you want to be in on the action instead of one of the little people crushed within it’s cogs.


You worship Urleh – Vassal to Arioch and known as the deceiver and master mind of schemes and plots.

Code of Honor

Honor among Thieves


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